SD-WAN Vertical Friendly

January 12, 2018

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Business connectivity must possess two characteristics: fast and reliable. A technology able to deliver both and then some is SD-WAN, which is why this up and coming technology is surging. So much so that TMC (News - Alert) devoted the SD-WAN Expo to educate the masses on this transformational technology. The market is rapidly expanding, as adoption rates cannot be denied.

This burgeoning technology is touching a number of verticals, as Peplink noted this week that when the University of Southern Philippines Foundations required a means to improve connectivity while cutting costs in order to boost distance learning SD-WAN was the clear choice.

“Every day, we hear about exciting new applications and use cases of Peplink SD-WAN from our partners and customers around the world. The SD-WAN market continues to grow rapidly, and Peplink’s ecosystem of SD-WAN products provide highly versatile network building blocks that enable breakthrough applications in many verticals.” said Keith Chau, CEO of Plover Bay Technologies.

Education is but one example, as any industry can benefit from seamless failover, infinite scalability, central management, faster network speeds as well as contact and reliable connectivity. The financial industry is taking advantage of software defined networking, as well.

First Green Bank deployed the Peplink (Ploverbay) SD-WAN solution across its seven Florida locations and reports quite positive results. “Peplink really excels when it comes to ease of use. You can configure VLANS, setting up SpeedFusion between the locations, it’s just phenomenal,” said Daniel Dean, CTO of First Green Bank.

SD-WAN is a networking movement, leading the charge in today’s software-defined networking makeover. Digital transformation is at hand, either join the party or get left in the cold (disconnected). The choice is yours.

What’s in your network?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz