Windstream Credits Partners for Whirlwind 2017

December 28, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

While it doesn’t always, sometimes it pays to set a high bar. Every organization creates goals and benchmarks, with the intention of not simply meeting, but over exceeding on expectations. In a space like SD-WAN where opportunity is abound, competition is raising in what is quickly becoming a packed field.

Windstream (News - Alert) announced it surpassed its goal for signed enterprise customers, with this rapid adoption serving to cement the value in a fully-managed as a service approach to SD-WAN and a company’s cloud migration path.

The managed SD-WAN provider, and participant in the upcoming SD-WAN Expo notes acquiring over 500 mid-enterprise customers, giving much in the way of kudos to its partnerships that are also aiding in driving innovation to meet the specific applications and cloud migration demands of each organization. By choosing a managed SD-WAN service, the cloud-driven, always-on model is more than capable of supporting the functionality and performance required in our digital era.

Windstream also credits years of experience working in hybrid networks as well as its Cloud Core network architecture, which powers the SD-WAN management portal. For all of its innovation, Windstream can proudly say it offers companies the opportunity of making network operations agile.

“Surpassing our first-year goal of mid-enterprise customer wins, tells us customers are excited about the exceptional SD-WAN experience Windstream provides,” said Joseph Harding, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for the Cloud & Connectivity business unit at Windstream. “Our expert Concierge service really struck a chord with larger business customers by simplifying network transformation so they can quickly reap the benefits SD-WAN offers.”

SD-WAN is turning heads, and possesses the adoption numbers to back up the hype. Projections place a valuation in the billions for this burgeoning marking, and while as an industry we watch this accelerated accent the future is forming right in front of our eyes.

What type of WAN is your organization working with?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz