SD-WAN Goes Audiological

December 13, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Cloud computing is soaring, and along for the ride is SD-WAN – a transformational technology in its own right. Accelerating adoption across verticals highlights the role these technologies play in modern networking as well as this current phase of digital transformation.

This week, Riverbed (News - Alert) offered insight into how an Australia audiology firm is leveraging Riverbed SteelConnect in conjunction with Riverbed SteelHead to connect its 44 clinics throughout the Land Down Under, and adding flexibility, visibility and agility along the way.

Attune Hearing provides audiological services that range from hearing tests, to hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation. With the arrival of a number of large chains moving into the country, competition kicked up a notch, forcing customer experience to the fore as a key differentiator.

Telstra (News - Alert) is managing the SD-WAN deployment, with the two solutions served up in a single appliance that requires a single sign-on, which simplified networking and offers improves network visibility, a reduction in time to spin up new locations, services or apps, and improves traffic flow. Real time data delivers insight to IT teams, enabling a quick fix to network issues. 

“All we need is an internet connection and a new site is up and running on the network,” noted Jamie Delacey, Head of ICT, Attune Hearing. “At the same time, the visibility we are getting has been a game-changer. From our head office in Brisbane for example, we are able to understand performance, diagnose and resolve issues and improve service levels for our staff and customers without needing to fly around the country.” With SteelConnect, the Attune IT team is also able to make network or application policy changes centrally with just a few clicks – versus needing to make manual CLI code changes – enabling the company to be much more agile to the needs of the business and for customers.

Digital transformation is at hand. Software-defined solutions are staging a coup on the network, and victory is at hand.

Ready for SD-WAN in your network?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz