VPS Unveils SD-WAN for Wholesale Customers

November 10, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Digital transformation projects are helping to propel SD-WAN and its software-defined siblings to the fore. With projections forecasting the market reaching the billions in coming years, and as adoption and innovation in the space continues to grow pushing this burgeoning technology to reach its full potential.

This week, Verizon Partner Solutions (News - Alert) announced the arrival of a SD-WAN solution for wholesale customers. The intention is to offer improvement in areas like network efficiency and operational expenses, while delivering exceptional performance.

The VPS SD-WAN offering provides transport independence with easy IPsec overall and traffic distribution configuration as well as automatic failover and built-in load balancing. Centralized SDN control and policy management allows for enterprises to scale easily. It offers secure connectivity, with AES encryption ensuring data privacy.

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The solution also promises application optimization as a result of the centralized network control and visibility in addition to quality of service and bandwidth management with traffic shaping. And, policy-based routing and dynamic path selection offers intelligent path control.

“Verizon’s SD-WAN solution essentially gives enterprises the best of both worlds - the power of the Internet and the performance and reliability of a private IP network - to help them keep up with the continued growth of network traffic,” noted Eric Cevis, Verizon Partner Solutions. “Network traffic demand continues to increase due to SaaS (News - Alert) applications, cloud migrations, video and IoT. SD-WAN improves bandwidth usage and enables the network to act as a sensor to enhance delivery of applications.”

The future of networking is software defined. Improved control, visibility, performance and flexibility in addition to cost savings is a difficult value proposition to pass up. While Verizon wasn’t the first carrier in the SD-WAN space, it seems it is certainly seeking to make its mark.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz