Verizon Adds Versa for SD Managed Services Venture

August 22, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Game of Thrones fans know the feeling of a massive moment making its way south to change the world forever. In technology, this impending feeling is the exact opposite of the doom and gloom felt when one of Khaleesi’s dragon plummeted from the sky. In technology, this massive moment is software, and its impending ubiquity in the WAN is in motion.

SD-WAN is certainly a space on the rise, garnering growing attention by the day – hence, the billion dollar market projections for coming years. Today, Versa Networks announced that it is the newest member of the Verizon (News - Alert) software-defined networking ecosystem, with Versa’s Software Defined Secure Branch (SD-Branch) managed service playing a starring role.

"Verizon has been an early and aggressive innovator in software defining their network, as well as their customers' networks," said Kelly Ahuja, CEO of Versa Networks. "Verizon saw the wider set of challenges that businesses were having across branch offices, and has designed a comprehensive service to virtualize, software define, manage and secure the full branch."

Versa’s SD-Branch solution has been integrated into Verizon’s Virtual Network Services offering, which aims to leverage virtual components in the branch office to cut costs and keep complexity under control. Verzon’s Virtual Network Services include: public and private network connectivity management, wireless connectivity, multi-site network support, application based quality of service and multi layered security.

"Businesses are adopting digital technologies as mainstream elements of their go to market strategy," said Shawn Hakl, vice president of business networking and security solutions. "Software defining the branch office and WAN provides them with a flexible networking platform to accelerate cloud and digital migration while reducing IT complexity and controlling costs."

With Versa's FlexVNF Software put to work as part of Verizon’s Software Defined Secure Branch Services, benefits are many. They include: simplified branch office networking, lower operational cost and time, simpler Internet security and a better overall cloud user experience.

Software is on the move, and especially in network functions the effects are tangible. And while Westeros is heading ever deeper into a winter of discontent, the sun is shining on network innovation.

What’s in your WAN?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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