TELoIP Touts New Patent

July 06, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

The advent and growing presence of software defined networking solutions is a sign of the times. Digital transformation is touching all points of the enterprise, and from a networking perspective the star pupil is SD-WAN. Capable of supporting our SaaSy reality; and offering a new world of orchestration, automation and performance, the explosive projections should come as no surprise – especially with all the innovation taking place.

This week, TELoIP touted a bit of its innovation, announcing a new patent for its portfolio of patents lined to the Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay Architecture. U.S. patent number 9692713 was officially awarded on June 27, and specifically references SD-WAN system design, orchestration, virtual overlay, points of entry and edge routing.

“This patent relates to our VINO technology that defines the fundamental art of SD-WAN implementations and architecture principles of hub and spoke applications,” said Pat Saavedra, Founder and CTO of TELoIP. “It continues to build upon our early mover IP portfolio in SDN and SD-WAN as evidenced by the 25 claims encompassed in the patent.”

Let’s run through details. By system design, it can involve customer premises equipment (CPE) that augment data plane underlay connections to a gateway controlled by an orchestration portal based in the cloud. The system is capable of managing a meshed network of site traffic that connects to a long-haul network backbone. The patent also involves the routing of traffic between SD-WAN controllers or gateways to CPE devices.

All gateways or controllers create a distributed network, which serves as a virtual network core, with an orchestrator responsible for long-haul. The patent also discusses the management of data plane and control pane traffic between gateways, which relates to intelligent packet distribution, failover on multiple network underlay circuits using a data plane and bi-direction QoS.     

“In today’s competitive networking marketplace, new SDN/SD-WAN products, services and partnerships are being introduced daily,” said Rui Luis, CEO of TELoIP. “We believe that the most successful businesses will be those that leverage their intellectual property to provide novel solutions that reliably deliver high value to customers and partners.”

The networking world has always provided fierce competition, but today more than ever, innovation is the biggest differentiator. Software defined solutions are a fixture moving forward, and as we move further into the cloud era and phases of digital transformation, oh the places we will go… 

Edited by Alicia Young

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