Masergy Launches Second SD-WAN Option

May 24, 2017

By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Masergy today launched SD-WAN Go. This new managed service from the carrier provides secure tunneling and routing across the public network and over Masergy’s software-defined platform.

It is access agnostic, features centralized policy and configuration management, and PoP-to-cloud service level agreements. And SD-WAN Go provides real-time visibility into the wide area network, WAN optimization, and zero-touch provisioning.

This is one of the more affordable of the two SD-WAN managed service options provided by Masergy. The other one, called SD-WAN Pro, was announced previously.

Creating an overlay of the WAN, SD-WAN separates the physical infrastructure from how packets are routed. That enables users with control and visibility of the underlying connectivity between their locations, so they can match that connectivity to their specific applications at any time and can use all of those connections whenever they like. This also provides businesses with the flexibility to use whatever access and carriers they like. And it lets them more efficiently reach public clouds and more cost effectively connect branch locations.

“Using your connectivity of choice – private, broadband, mobile – our solution supports active-active links. It also lets users leverage primary and backup circuits simultaneously – no wasted resources - while supporting failover requirements,” Paul Ruelas, director of product management at Masergy, explains in a May 18 blog. “In essence, your WAN gains the flexibility to use the most appropriate type of networking connection to meet particular business or application performance requirements, switching among them as needed. The result is cost-effectiveness, reliability, speed and accuracy at the network edge.”

IDC (News - Alert) estimates that worldwide SD-WAN revenues will exceed $6 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 90 percent between 2015 and 2020.

SD-WAN is an opportunity not just for suppliers but also for communications service providers, many of which now offer this software-defined wide area network service along with their existing connectivity services. In addition to Masergy, AT&T, BT (News - Alert), CenturyLink, Colt, Singtel, Sprint, Verizon, and Vonage are among the other providers of SD-WAN services. But while SD-WAN can be a nice new revenue stream for these existing service providers, it also could work to cannibalize their existing MPLS services.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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