Singtel's New ConnectPlus Empowers Hybrid WAN

March 31, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

There's been a lot of growth lately in wide area networks (WAN) that has made a lot of companies reconsider how internal networking functions are set up. WAN systems offer great versatility and power for companies that are geographically dispersed, even when it comes to something as simple as branch offices. Singtel recently released its ConnectPlus system to help drive connectivity, and deliver a lot more value in the field.

With the Singtel ConnectPlus system—made up of two key components, the ConnectPlus Optimized Internet Cloud Access and the ConnectPlus Optimized Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN)—users get access to a major powerhouse operation in the field. The VPN itself incorporates over 428 separate points-of-presence worldwide, and the whole thing works together to offer users a kind of hybrid WAN system that provides better connectivity between geographically-diffuse points.

Incorporating the use of a VPN, meanwhile, helps ensure that the information being transmitted over that network gets some extra protection, which is always valuable when transmitting data over wide spans. It's not just safer transmission that makes the Singtel ConnectPlus system useful, though, as it also allows much faster access to cloud applications, an increase that's as much as 10 times faster than standard Internet connectivity.

Bill Chang, Singtel's' chief executive officer of group enterprise, noted “Many enterprises use the Internet to access their applications on public clouds as it is convenient and widely available. However, Internet access can be affected by unstable connectivity or latency issues.”

Faster cloud connectivity, safer information transmission, and a way to keep branch offices and similar organizational sub-groups on the same page; it's hard to pass up a proposition like that, and that's a point that should keep Singtel toward the tip of the spear when it comes to handling operations that are spread out over any kind of distance. Though it might not be easy to convince organizations to bring in a separate kind of connectivity for the sake of dealing with dispersed business groups, the combination of speed, security and capability in connectivity should go quite a way toward dispelling any doubts companies might have had about going with Singtel.

Singtel's ConnectPlus Optimized Internet Service has a lot going for it, and enough to make for an excellent value proposition for business users. As the value of the WAN increases, so too will the value of tools that makes WANs easier to set up, use, or both. That's going to give Singtel plenty of room to run.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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