Riverbed Technology Augments SteelConnect, Improves Hybrid WANs

February 20, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Growth in the field of wide area networks (WANs) has been pronounced and steady for the last few years not, giving rise to such things as the software defined WAN (SD-WAN) and the hybrid WAN, which draws on elements of on premises equipment and cloud-based systems. Recently, Riverbed (News - Alert) Technology made its own advance on the hybrid WAN front by updating its SteelConnect SD-WAN system, a move that should help keep it at the forefront of this rapidly-growing market.

The SteelConnect updates feature a move that makes deploying large SD-WAN operations significantly easier, which also improves the value of hybrid WAN systems accordingly. With the new SteelConnect SDI-5030 Data Center Gateway (News - Alert) Appliance line, the system can go from a system that requires thousands of lines of code to update the data center routers to one that requires virtually no disruption in current activities to upgrade the system. When upgrades are easy to come by, it improves the likelihood that upgrades will take place, particularly upgrades that call on these tools to accomplish.

Better yet, the new systems allow for the active combination of SD-WAN and WAN-Optimization options, making for an even better hybrid WAN approach. Since these systems can work together, it helps improve information transfer and makes for a clear exchange of application identification, something often found lacking in approaches requiring more than one vendor to carry out.

With public cloud services spending expected to clear $247 billion just this year alone—an 18 percent increase from last year's figures, a Gartner (News - Alert) report notes—it's obvious that having a company's best foot forward here will improve the odds of making sales and making new market inroads. This should help retain the current crop of customers and draw in some new ones. Indeed, further reports note that many advances have taken place in cloud computing and the like, but the network that these developments run on has gotten comparatively short shrift. Another Gartner report notes that half of all cloud deployments are set to experience significant performance issues in the near term, which means it's a great time to make some upgrades. With Riverbed's new systems, it improves the chances that Riverbed will be the weapon of choice for some of those future upgrades.

With cloud-based systems a bigger part of operations than ever, and hybrid WAN systems delivering the necessary capabilities to make these systems work, those who can deliver the best in hybrid WAN will likely take a big lead in the upcoming market. Riverbed's recent updates help ensure it will have the best chance to take further market share.

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